Send a Rose Bouquet to Your Loved One in Singapore

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Flowers are a symbol of love

Flowers have many meanings and can symbolize a variety of feelings, from friendship to love. The most famous flower to represent love is the red rose, which gives off a romantic feeling. However, other flowers, such as yellow roses, are also symbolic of friendship.


They symbolize peace

A rose bouquet in Singapore symbolizes peace and purity. They are the most popular flower choice and are available in many different colors and fragrances. A bouquet of these flowers is a beautiful and heart-melting gesture. Roses are a classic gift to send to a loved one and are appropriate for any occasion. You can also send a variety of other types of flowers.



Sending a bouquet of flowers is a great way to celebrate any occasion. There are many different types of flowers, but the rose is the most special bloom of them all. These flowers are the perfect choice for every occasion and are a symbol of love.



When you want to express your love and loyalty with a rose bouquet, you can choose from several different varieties and colors. The white roses are known to symbolize purity and innocence while the pink ones are symbolic of eternal love and remembrance of a deceased loved one. No matter which color you choose, this flower is a sure way to make a friend feel special.



When it comes to rose bouquets, there are a few basic things that you should know to ensure their long-term stability. First of all, they should be placed in a cool room, away from direct sunlight and heat-generating appliances. If possible, avoid placing them near ripening fruits and vegetables as this releases a gas called ethylene that causes flowers to age faster. Also, to extend their life, place them in the refrigerator every night.



The green roses symbolize fertility, opulence, and harmony. They are commonly seen in the spring, and they are a symbol of prosperity and good health. The blue roses, on the other hand, represent mystery and illusion. Their fragrance is synonymous with infatuation, lust, and unattainable love.


Preserved flowers are a beautiful way to extend the life of your bouquet. These flowers have undergone a state-of-the-art process to maintain their life-like look for a longer period of time. The process was first developed in Japan and uses environmentally friendly and non-toxic chemicals to create a lasting effect. Preserved flowers have more lasting power than fresh flowers, which have a lifespan of five to seven days. Fresh flowers are susceptible to wilting, mold, and insect attacks.

Author: Lois Carpenter